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The (neuro-)psychiatric consequences of post-covid syndrome are still unclear. The correlation of psychiatric as well as neurocognitive symptoms and post-covid is still poorly investigated and understood. Overall, a manifold psychiatric manifestation of the post-covid syndrome is assumed. In this context, the occurrence of fatigue and anhedonia have been demonstrated most commonly. However, increased anxiety, depressive symptoms and sleep disturbances also seem to occur frequently in the context of post-covid syndrome. In addition, various neurocognitive deficits, such as concentration and memory deficits, appear to affect the patients in their daily lives.

In the 2Long4COVID BLUT study - under the direction of Prof. Clara Lehmann of the Department of Internal Medicine I of the University Hospital of Cologne - we are examining patients with post-covid syndrome psychopathologically as well as neuropsychologically in detail and linking these results to the infectiological, immunological and genetic findings.


Dr. med. Theresa Lichtenstein, MD


Dr. med. Stefan Kruse, MD

Alexia Synetou, MD

Cand. med. Katharina Dünnwald

Cand. med. Yannick Adam

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