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Transdiagnostic phenotyping of psychopathology in a help-seeking population (PhenoNetz) - an experience sampling study

Through our involvement in the Early Recognition and Intervention Service for Mental Disorders (FETZ) of the University Hospital Cologne, we noticed that the currently established prevention approach in psychiatry, which targets diagnosis-specific syndromes, does not cover the majority of help-seeking population. Therefore, PhenoNetz aims at an explorative transdiagnostic phenotyping of the help-seeking population of the FETZ using innovative, intensive longitudinal data collection via a smartphone app. A better understanding of relevant psychopathology in this burdened population is of great relevance, given the lack of adequate interventions. Combining ESM with network analyses allows for unique insights into yet under-researched early transdiagnostic psychopathological processes, as well as their association with risk, resilience, and psychosocial functioning. The hope is to inform and exploit the potential of prevention and, thus, to address a larger proportion of the help-seeking population. These insights might allow reducing mental illness and their associated personal, familial, societal, clinical as well as economic burden more effectively.

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