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Alessandra Raio

From November 2022, I joined the Kambeitz lab as a visiting research student. I studied psychology in Italy, at both the University of Bari (bachelor degree) and the University of Padua (master degree). I joined the Psychiatric Neuroscience Group at the DiBrain Department of the Univerisity of Bari in 2020 for a research fellowship in clinical neuropsychology and, at the end of the same year, I started a Ph.D. program in Applied Neuroscience. I am particularly interested in investigating how multi-dimensional interactions might contribute to psychosis risk development across the lifespan at the individual level, with the aim to better inform personalized early identification and intervention programs. Particularly, my present research is focused on how developmental changes over time in cognition and personality might play a role in gene-by-environment interactions, contributing to psychosis susceptibility in naturalistic populations. To this aim, over the last two years, I started to improve my expertise in combining methods of longitudinal data analyses with multivariate supervised machine learning approaches to support individualized predictions of clinical and functional outcomes.

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