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Annkathrin Böke

After completing my bachelor's degree in Biology, I focused on cognitive neuroscience and neuroimaging during my master's in neurosciences at the University of Bonn. After my master´s degree, I worked as a research assistant at the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of the University of Münster. In this capacity, I contributed to the development of a task investigating the treatment effects of ketamine in individuals suffering from depression. Concurrently, I joined the Motivation & Cognitive Control lab at the Donders Institute as a research assistant and lab coordinator. Here, I was involved in a pharmaco-fMRI study investigating the role of dopamine in linguistic inference.
In November 2023, I became part of the Kambeitz lab for a PhD project. My research focus involves investigating language markers and brain dysfunction in early psychosis. I am particularly intrigued by understanding the neural correlates that underlie characteristic language alterations in early psychosis. My goal is to leverage this understanding for earlier diagnosis and improved treatment of psychotic diseases in the future.

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