In order to understand mental health, it is crucial to consider the complex interplay of an individual with its environment. This includes biological and psychological factors as well as social interactions or the use of digital media. In our lab, we conduct research on this exciting field with the aim to:

  • identify adverse influences for mental health as well as protective factors 

  • provide modern tools to allow individualised diagnostics and preventive strategies

  • develop personalised interventions to support mental health


Our team consists of a mix of methodologically-oriented clinicians and clinically-oriented methodologists, which allows us to live a close interaction between research and clinical application. Together we aim at the clinical translation of novel tools inspired by data-science oriented approaches such as:

  • machine-learning and big data analytics to identify informative patterns in behavioural or biological data

  • network models to characterise complex relationships between symptoms, risk and protective factors

  • dynamic systems modelling to provide a mechanistic understanding of brain in health and disease

  • meta-analysis to address essential clinical questions based on a large body of evidence



We hope that by extending the focus to the development of behavioural, cognitive and neuro-imaging biomarkers, we can improve our understanding of mental health and generate models for individualised prediction in psychiatric patients or individuals at risk. Ultimately, we aim to personalise behavioural, pharmacological and psychotherapeutic interventions in the complex human-digital setting of psychiatry today using our expertise in machine learning and computational methods.



PhD Position in Computational Neurosciences / Translational Clinical Neurosciences

PhD Position in Computational Neurosciences / Translational Clinical Neurosciences

We have an open PhD position @kambeitzlab in cooperation with the Forschungszentrum Jülich, Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine - Cognitive Neuroscience (INM-3) in the area Computational Neurosciences / Translational Clinical Neurosciences. The scope of the research is the investigation of neurobiological mechanisms underlying brain dynamics using multimodal neuroimaging data and computational neurosciences approaches, more specifically the changes of brain dynamics in the context of psychological or neurological disorders, as well as the relationship to risk- and resilience-factors. More information can be found here.



Joseph Kambeitz


Lana Kambeitz-Ilankovic


Theresa Lichtenstein


Desirée Zeus


Marlene Rosen


Pedro Costa Klein


Laura Völkel

cand. med.

Simon Herstell

cand. med.

Ana Muthesius


Julian Wenzel


Melanie Rohde


Pilar Albert Porcar


Luzie Badde

cand. med.

Uma Rzayeva

cand. med.

Carolin Doll


Linda Betz


Nora Penzel


Alina Zubair

cand. med.

Nina Walter

cand. med.



Transdiagnostic phenotyping of psychopathology in a help-seeking population (PhenoNetz) - an experience sampling study

Transdiagnostic phenotyping of psychopathology in a help-seeking population (PhenoNetz) - an experience sampling study

Longitudinal course of cannabis-induced psychosis (CIP)

Longitudinal course of cannabis-induced psychosis (CIP)

Personalized cognitive training

Personalized cognitive training

Individualised prediction in clinical high risk

Individualised prediction in clinical high risk

Understanding Schizophrenia using Computational Modeling: Biological Simulations of the Brain’s Functional Connectome Copy

Understanding Schizophrenia using Computational Modeling: Biological Simulations of the Brain’s Functional Connectome Copy

Symptom networks in psychotic and affective disorders

Symptom networks in psychotic and affective disorders



Dr. Martin Hebart
Revealing Interpretable Representational Dimensions Shared Between Humans and Deep Neural Networks
Dr. Nils Opel
Challenges for Translational Psychiatry in the Age of Big Data
Dr. Urs Braun
Network Neuroscience in Psychiatry
Dr. Stephanie Forkel
White matter tractography & its application in health and disease
Dr. Diana Prata
Neuroimaging Genetics in Psychiatry

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We frequently offer research projects in the area of mental health, machine learning & big data and neuroimaging. Feel free to get in contact if you are interested in collaborating or working with us.



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